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Botanical/Herbal Medicine

botanical medicine (herbs)

Botanical medicine is the therapeutic use of plants to facilitate healing. The medicinal use of plants dates back to the earliest civilizations. Medicinal herbs are used in every culture and is the foundation of modern pharmacology.

Herbs may be administered in many forms including teas, tinctures, salves, poultices, capsules, volatile oils, infusions, and decoctions. Herbs may be used as an alternative to pharmaceutical drug therapy, to aid the body in recovering from injury or disease and for its benefits in the body for seasonal cleansing and detoxification keeping the body healthy and strong.

While herbal medicine is generally regarded as quite safe, many of the plants involved are potentially toxic in high doses, and therefore needs to be used with caution. Never exceed your dose and stop treatment if unexpected symptoms occur or existing ones worsen.

Herbal medicines may interact with other natural medicines and conventional drugs you are taking. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be open during your visits about what other medications or nutraceuticals you are currently taking. You can be assured that Dr. Giustra has the proper training with herbs, is aware of any herb-herb and herb-drug interactions and prescribes with this in mind. This is a very important factor in the selection and safe use of botanical medicines.