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Lifestyle Counseling and Stress Management

lifestyle counseling & stress management

Lifestyle counseling encompasses all of the day to day ways that we protect our health and nourish our spirits. This includes exercise, stress reduction, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, healthy communication, and the environment in which we live – all of the aspects that make up a healthy, happy, balanced life.

In small doses, stress can be a good thing. But when the going gets too tough and life’s demands exceed your ability to cope, stress becomes a threat to your physical, mental, behavioural and emotional well-being.

During times of increased stress, it is of utmost importance to have proper coping mechanisms in place to help minimize the damage of stress in our bodies and to prevent acute stress into becoming deep-seated and chronic.

Recent research suggests a high percentage of illness is stress-related. The following is a list of some health problems that can be caused or worsened by long-term stress:


  Heart attack
  Eating disorders
  Substance abuse
  Irritable bowel syndrome
  Memory loss
  Autoimmune conditions (e.g. lupus)
  Thyroid problems
  and more…


We will work together with the goal of being able to develop an awareness of what are your day-to-day stressors, implement new coping strategies, and make lifestyle and dietary modifications. Doing this, the goal is for you to create a lifestyle and environment in which you are better able to thrive. Thus, resulting in a happy, healthy and well adjusted life.