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Microneedling Device (Skin Roller) enhances skin’s absorption of products

The Microneedling device is a hand held skin roller which can be an alternative to injection therapy for the topical application of many products. The Microneedling device allows product to be administered topically to the site of pain or aesthetic treatment zone while enhancing the absorption of the product.

The Microneedling device is a cosmetic version of the medical Microneedling device or skin roller made with the shorter needles that do not perforate the skin. Instead, the microneedles cause indentations in the skin or microchannels which allow easier and greater passage of molecules through the epidermis, thus enhanced absorption of product by the skin.

This transepidermal application and its ability to bring product such as M.a.d.e, collagen, IgG for example, through the skin has been quantitatively verified in several studies.

Use a microneeding device along with a new range of cosmetic products created especially for women by GUNA, Milan, Italy. See Cosmetics

–          M.A.D.E.: wrinkles, skin tone, anti-aging effect, detoxs, damaged tissue etc.

–          NATUR 2, 3, 4, 5: breast, leg, body toning etc.

–          Collagen: scars, stretch marks, hair loss etc.

–          Omeoformula 1,2,3,4: total body adiposity, cellulite, skin slackening, firming

 They can be used as a complement to cosmetic acupuncture or on their own in office/home with the microneedling device.